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Williams Custom & Shipping FAQ

What items are illegal to ship?
The answer to this question is a long and complicated. In summary, we can’t ship alcohol (including beers, wines, and liquors), tobacco, explosives, and hazardous materials. While this list sounds simple and short, it includes many items that may not come to mind upon reading it initially. For example, it is illegal to ship fireworks (explosives), ammunition (explosives), perfumes (they contain alcohol), and ink (hazardous material). This list is not exhaustive.

Can I ship an item which is still in its original box and packaging?
Most items you purchase were shipped to the store on a pallet. The packaging of such items is designed specifically for shipping on a pallet inside a tractor trailer. This packaging cannot withstand the rigors of shipping through the Postal Service. We recommend that this type of already packaged item be shipped inside another box, cushioned by padding to properly protect it while en route via one of our carriers.

Can I ship cash to someone?
The Shipping Place will not ship cash. It is not illegal, but there is no way to prevent a potential claim by the recipient that there was less cash received than was actually sent, and no way to resolve such an issue. In lieu of sending cash, we recommend the money be wired or transferred electronically to your recipient’s bank account. Funds transfer services are provided by banks and Western Union, among others.

What time will my international documents or package arrive?
International letters and packages do not have specific delivery times. They will be delivered by end of business on the designated delivery date, assuming normal customs clearance.

I want to insure my international shipment for one value and list a different value for customs purposes. Can I do this?
When shipping internationally, the declared value and the customs value must be the same. If they are different, there will be a serious delay in customs, or the shipment may not even clear customs.

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